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The Association  (NABA)

>>>  NABA's Profile: aims and objectives, the constitution and activities.
>>>  Membership: how to apply for membership of NABA and includes an application form and standing order mandate form.
>>>  Become involved and how?
>>> Reports and studies by NABA and others (we are always interested in receiving academic studies to add to this section.

NABA's activities since its foundation in 2001

 >>> Press Releases by NABA.
 >>> Archives of appeals went on NABA website and email list.
 >>> Letters from and to NABA including its correspondence to various politicians on issues related to Arab and Arab speaking people.

The Library

 >>> Reports: Various reports related to the Arab community.
  >>>  ArticlesSelected articles suggested to NABA which include analytical articles, Diaspora issues, views, etc.
 >>> Articles in Arabic مقالات بالعربي from/on the Arab world.
 >>>  ReferencesRelevant references, such as Home Office guides to setting up organisations, encyclopaedias and directories. 
 >>> Obituaries: In the memory of those who dedicated themselves to community issues in Diapora.


  >>> Announcements and other related relevant issues
  >>> Newspapers, publishers, study centres etc. It is continually updated and added to.

 Culture & Art

  >>> Selection of poetry, litrary criticism and other items sent to us.

  >>>  Use this to find and/or contact your MP and read the latest debates by referring to Hansard.


  >>> Links to relevant websites such as Arab, British Arab organisations, news and educational organisations.