Population Census in the UK and the recognition of Arab as an ethnic group.

The National Association of British Arabs (NABA) has been working with the Office of National Statistics for the past 3 years to have 'Arab' recognised as a separate ethnic identity. 

This follows both our research which shows that most Arabs feel aggrieved at perpetually having to identify themselves as 'Other' and the lack of adequate studies on the number of Arabs in the UK (but which we believe to be in excess of 500,000) from which we could press for better health, education and employment planning.
There will be a test census on 13th May 2007 in the following areas:

Liverpool, Camden, Bath, Stoke on Trent and Carmarthenshire.
If you live in one of these areas please be aware of this and complete the questionnaire accordingly.

If you don't live in the area or in the UK, please send this announcement to all who you know.
See page 6 of questionnaire

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