Reports / Studies on the Arab Community in the UK

NABA Report on the Arab and Middle Eastern Community in England and Wales based on the 2011 Census. Text pdf

NABA Prelminary Report on the Arab Community in England and Wales April 2013. Text /pdf

British Arabs: Identity, Politics and Community: Results of an exploratory survey by the Atlantic Forum. 2009.  (pdf file)

London Geater Authority, Arab League: A Study. Link

Arab Population in the UK. Link

Operation Arab Vote.  Link

On the Arab Community in the UK - Meeting with the Department of Health. Link

Classification of ethnicity in the United Kingdom.  Link

British Arabs. Link
Mrs M Jalili (Cllr), NABA Secretariat

 Mrs M Jalili (Cllr), NABA Secretariat

  Edited by Faisal Al-Yafai,  
  Forward by John Austin, MP. 

  London Greater Authority, 2005

  Dr Ismail Jalili, Nov. 2004

  Dr Anthony McRoy, 2001




Other Reports and Studies

Report on the Assassinations of Iraqi Professionals 2003-2009. Link

Iraq's Lost Genertion. Link

Who are Arabs?  Link

Dr Ismail K Jalili

Dr Ismail K Jalili

Dr Ismail K Jalili