6 February 2006

The unprecedented backlash created by the publications of insulting cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed has occurred because of the lack of understanding and sensitivity to the role of religion in Islam.  Cartoons against prophets in either Christianity or Judaism would not be allowed in the Islamic world and Muslims rightly expect their religion to be treated with equal respect.  It is noteworthy that according to the Danish newspaper, Politiken, Jyllands-Posten in 2003, rejected a similar satire invoking Jesus on the basis that it was too sensitive for Christians 1.  It is the insulting nature of cartoon (or of Salman Rushdi’s book) which is the core issue; a concept that the western media continue to ignore.

If anything, this incident further demonstrates the continuing double standards practised by some media when news relates either to Islam or Arabs.  The lack of reporting of Iraqi deaths over the past three years’ or the approach to the problems in Palestine whereby the numbers killed in attacks on Israel are given maximum coverage whilst the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, and the theft and destruction of their water and agricultural lifeblood’ are ignored by all but a very small number of journalists, send a clear message to Muslims and Arabs.  It is much resented by Muslims and Arabs that  any negative comments on Israel and Zionism, however minor, meets with uproar and charges of anti Semitism, but the same does not apply when Muslims and Arabs are the target.  Major repercussion such as we are seeing should not therefore be surprising.  The Attorney General stated that any anti Semitic statement would be met by harsh litigation, yet he discarded a much more blatant insult to Arabs by Kilroy Silk when NABA called for his prosecution.  Freedom of speech must remain our goal but that freedom should be equal and tempered with sensitivity.

At the same time, the level of intolerance exhibited by some demonstrators in London is equally unacceptable, particularly as the cartoons were not reproduced in any British newspaper and shows poor judgement and a dangerous escalation in tactics.

Mutual tolerance can only come with mutual knowledge and understanding and lessons must be learnt from the lack of sensitivity which this episode has demonstrated. Injustice and double standards will continue to provoke the type of sentiments we are seeing now in Europe and build up resentment that can explode in an uncontrolled fashion such as happened in France.

Dr Ismail Jalili, 


Jyllands-Posten afviste Jesus-satire

04. feb. 2006 00.04 Indland

Da Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten bragte de efterhånden verdensberømte 12 tegninger af profeten Muhammed, skete det i følge avisen i ytringsfrihedens navn.

Men Politiken skriver lørdag, at avisen tidligere i 2003 har afslået at bringe en satirisk tegning af Jesu genopstandelse.

Årsagen var blandt andet, at den måske kunne udløse et ramaskrig blandt Jyllands-Postens læsere.

Kulturredaktør Carsten Juste siger, at han ikke kan huske, om avisen har bragt tegninger, der kunne virke stødende på kristne, men at han ikke vil afvise, det er sket.


Extract from the International World Federation Council of Media and Press People:

Media people must be alert of risks that may arise as a result of prejudice and discrimination implied by the media. The Council would exert every possible effort to avoid being involved in such calls, which are based on prejudice and religion, sex or other social differences discrimination.  

Are Muslims justified in staging worldwide protests over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad? Vote:

  - Slide show with synopsis of Profit Mohamed (sent By Dr Mustafa Iqbal, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Pakistan)
- Recent Liberal Democrat Party Document

Responses to NABA Statement
 Dear Dr Jalili

Re: This is a response regarding NABA Statement towards the Danish Affair

Regardless of faiths, ethnic backgrounds and colours, the behaviours of many people on all sides, including the Arabs and the Jews themselves are irresponsible, insensitive, opportunistic, hypocrites and bigots.  It is the human nature, poor upbringing, different cultures, different motives, different languages, different value systems, different internal and external environments, etc...

Certainly, the Israelis and the Palestinians conflicts, in particular and the Arabs and the Jews conflicts in general are partly to blame.  These conflicts have been used for generations, purely for distortion and extortion reasons.  Immorally and illegally, the entire world have been surviving on these conflicts for more than fifty years.  It is the cross-cultural sinister, especially the East-West and the developing nations and the west mess.  The entire world are fuelling the 
Arabs and the Jews conflicts and consequently, the Arabs and the western are being drawn into confrontation by few opportunistic bully bigots whose main objectives are to make money and to extort the Arabs, the Jews and the Westerns alike.

For example, Mr Rushdi published his book, "The Satanic Verses".  Mr Rushdi is not more than an Indian puppet seeking recognition to be loved and to be offered a job in the west to fulfill his greed and animalistic ambitions in the west.   Mr Rushdi published his book to make money and at the same time to ignite and fuel further hatreds and conflicts between the Christians and the Muslims (opportunism).

In relation to the irresponsible, bigot Danish bully who published his bomb is to have publicity and to make money too.  It is the same like Mr Rushdi, he is not more than an extremist, a foolish and a greedy bully whose main objective is to make money by igniting and fuelling more conflicts and hatreds.  Possibly he is stupid or mislead and consequently not aware of the consequences and implications of his behaviour.  In reality, by his irresponsible behaviour, he severely damaged the Danish economy and exchanges with other nations.  Also, unfortunately, the acts of irresponsible revenge by some of the Muslims is naive and not mature enough to ignore the acts & behaviours of few bigots and greedy bullies. 

Further, due to the lack of Democracy and the lack of awareness of the dynamics of the behaviors of other cultures, unfortunately Governments like Libya, saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, etc... withdraw their ambassadors in retaliation to the behaviours of few irresponsible, bigot bullies.  People, especially Governments must broaden their thinking and mature up the lovel of responsibility.

I have witnessed and experienced extremely bad behaviours & perversion from all sides, including from what they are called Muslims.  What I want to emphasize that the problems are not Judaism, Christianity or Islam.  On the contrary, these holly faiths faiths are complimentary.  The challenges are mainly in the people themselves or the followers who many of them are using these faiths purely for economical and political reasons.

To sum up, your best bet, the Arabs, the Jews and our Westerners is to continuously communicate, negotiate, understand and resolve your man-made conflicts through modern media and education.  In addition to manage your people effectively and to strengthen your exchanges, communications and negotiations to learn and to work together to resolve the Palestinians and the Israelis conflicts as soon as possible, because many is not in their interest to have 
this conflict resolved fairly and peacefully through communication and negotiation.

More importantly, every body must adhere to the various national and international laws and guidelines of the various nations and not to make out of few bigot and bully insensitive behaviours big deals to affect your exchanges, partnerships and dealings.  On the contrary, the Arabs, the Jews and our Easterners (Hebrews, Christians and Muslims alike) must ignore the bad behaviours of the few in order to succeed and strengthen their exchanges, partnerships and 

I have been teaching for more than 30 years in different cultures.  Cultures are very different and each has its own motives and ambitions.  Each has its own distinct pattern of behaviours, environments, cults and prejudices.  People are different, students in the same classroom have different personalities, etc... due to their upbringing, cultures, environments, food, etc...  Many times, I use many approaches to manage my students in the classroom, but some very 
badly raised and spoiled students need attention and recognition, etc...  Some behaviors, I have to ignore, otherwise some may resent and fight back.

I have attached an objective and an impartial student's performance report for you, the Arabs, the Jews and our Westerners to learn from to be aware that cultures behave differently due to their different motives.

I hope that the Arabs and the Muslims will become mature enough some day to realize that their retaliation and revenge towards few irresponsible behaviours of few greedy bully bigots will not do good, either to themselves nor to our westerners.  Meanwhile, I hope that the Arabs, the Jews and our Westerners alike will strengthen their communications, understandings, exchanges and partnerships to work together peacefully and legally instead in retaliation to the irresponsible behaviors of few opportunistic bully bigots who will never ever stop stirring up hatreds 
and antagonism.  The modern media, education (invitations, seminars, lectures, etc...), exchanges, partnerships, business dealings and mutual respect are vital to continuously create and maintain healthy environments between the Arabs, the Jews and our Westerners.

I leave you in peace, safety and wisdom guidance

Kind regards
John A Lincoln, Lecturer
Jan 6, 2006

P. S. "Don't pay too much attention to few greedy, bigot bullies.  Communicate, partner, exchange and deal with good cultures and ignore the bad ones"
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Other ResponseS to NABA:

 Thank you for sending me your statement. I agree with you. 

Jenny Tonge 

(Baroness Tong is a Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords)

 While I appreciate the statement and fully agree that the double standards in Western civilization are seriously biased against the Arab and Muslim world, it should also be duly noted that the violence that has sprung from the cartoon depictions is abhorable.  Muslims around the world have done nothing to improve our image among Western nations and responding with violence would certainly do nothing to improve the lack of understanding our our religion and cultural traditions. It should be stated throughout the Muslim world that responding with violence demonstrates a lack of creativity and intelligence.  It is absolutely embarrassing for me to turn on the television and constantly see images of Muslims acting out with violence.  In my opinion it is far more mighty to live by the pen then by the sword.  Hadith substantiates that the Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) did not believe in violence and usually responded with intelligence, patience and wit to such ignorance.  By resorting to violence we have become those that we deplore.  Shame on us!  This email as far as I'm concerned is too little too late.  

Nancy S. Mahmoud

Thank you for your comprehensive email, the sentiment of which I agree with. In relation to the last paragraph, too little too late, I am not sure if this refers to our admonition of the excessive reaction by a group of extremists; if it does, then I think we have always sought to be a voice of reason and have not held back from pointing out our own inadequacies. 

Very well put. As I have said, more people have now seen the offensive cartoons as a result of all of this. An idiot of a newspaper editor has now become famous and will probably land up very rich. 

Chris Doyle
CAABU (Council for Arab-British Understanding)
 So it's alright for state media in Arab countries to run TV dramas accusing Jews of the "blood libel"?  

Mathew Harris

We were saddened and disappointed that a politician in your position would issue such a reply in response to what we considered an even handed press statement. 
 Well done Mr Jalili, thank you.
 We find the statement lop sided. It does not give due attention to our responsibility, the Arabs, in the way we are treated by Western Media. Zionist propaganda is successful because it goes about its business in a calm and rational manner. We do not because our more just causes have been hijacked by extremists. Ignoring this fact (your statement is an example) is what facilitates this hijacking.

Kamil Maarouf
External Information Bureau
Sudanese Baath party

  Thank you Dr. Ismail Jalili. Well explained and stated, and I fully agree with what has come in the statement. I hope this statement has found its way to the British press.
Thank you

Mohammad Alagha, 
almedia interactive
 We seem to have the Muslim Parliament, The Muslim Association, The Muslim Council, etc.What are they all for?  With the Muslim Parliament, is it able to pass laws for Muslims?>Why is it called Parliament? 

Mohamed Akhtar

REPLY: Thank you for your response. We are a secular organisation but we always respond to discriminatory incidence whether these are religious or racially motivated. We believe that constructive dialogue which includes pointing out where racial or religious sensitivities have been harmed are essential. I think your questions need addressed to the organisations concerned.

  Subject: MUSLIMS OVERREACT AGAINST NON-MUSLIMS, sent Wednesday, February 08, 2006

According to the Pakistani newspaper "The News"  today, in India MAOBOOL FIDA HUSAIN has been often depicting Hindu gods & goddesses IN THE NUDE.  This of couse hurts Hindus' feeling but no harm has been done to Mr. Husain.  Imagine what would have happened if this had been done to Mohammed's statue.

Shamer Williams


Any slur or insult towards any faith or religion is unacceptable. The over-reaction witnessed over the recent affair was equally unacceptable, although it does reflect simmering anger at the 
increasing Islamophobia which has not been helped by either the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the insecurity in the Middle East.


Every time I see Muslim leaders on tv, instead of criticising wholeheartedly people like Abu Hamza,  they try to find excuses for them.  I ask my non-Muslim friends for their reaction and they always say that Muslims always find excuses for terrorists instead >of saying kill them which of course happens in Islalmic countries like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan where criticism of Islam is punished by death. In Saudi Araabia, cradle of Islam, relegious institutions of other faiths like churches or temples are not even allowed to be built.  Yet today in the press Muslims say they respect other peoples' religions in Islamic countries. 

Mohamed Akhtar

I agree with you but it is important to state that the media always projects the views of extremists more than the moderates, who make up the majority. Secular organisations such as NABA are never given the chance to contribute to the argument; perhaps we are seeing too much religious input.

Subject: Your letter in today's British press is wrong - Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I was surprised to read your letter today saing that in the Islamic world, cartoons against other faiths would not be allowed.  That is not true.  There are many examples of the Islamic press offending other religions.  But to the credit of these other faiths they have not taken any violent actions that Muslims have been taking against other faiths.

Throughout history Islam and Christianity have forcibly converted people from Asia and Africa to their religion, especially in Asia and Africa. Honesty is far more important than belonging to any faith and unfortunately your letter gives the impression that you cannot trust Muslims at all.  They usually lie.

Salma Janmohamed

If this is the case in the Islamic world these days then it is equally appalling and neither can it or should be excused.

  I agree with what you have said.

 Responses By Other Groups/Organisations/Individuals
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  Likud behind Muhammad cartoons

Palestinian envoy to Washington says Likud party concocted distribution of Muhammad caricatures worldwide in a bid to create clash between West, Muslim world. 

WASHINGTON - Palestinian Authority representative in Washington Afif Safieh charged Sunday that the Likud party is responsible for distributing Danish anti-Muhammad cartoons worldwide in a bid to bring about a collision between the western and Muslim worlds.

In a tense television debate held between Israeli Ambassador in Washington Danny Ayalon and Safieh, which was broadcast on CNN's "Late Edition," the Palestinian envoy was asked by host Wolf Blitzer to comment on the recent violent Muslim demonstrations across the world that erupted in response to the publication of caricatures mocking Prophet Muhammad in a Danish paper.  Safieh replied by saying that his personal acquaintance with both western and eastern societies has led him to believe the pro-Israeli Likud's global wing acted to bring the western, mostly-Christian society to a collision course with Islam.  Safieh then explained that the editor of the Danish newspaper that originally published the cartoons is a fan of Jewish right-wing columnist Daniel Pipes, and that the two cooperated in distributing the caricatures that roused furor among Muslims.  source

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  This is the real outrage

Amid the cartoon furore, Danish imams ignore the tragedies suffered by Muslims across the world

Tariq Ali
Monday February 13, 2006
The Guardian
The latest round of culture wars does neither side any good. The western civilisational fundamentalists insist on seeing Muslims as the other - different, alien and morally evil. Jyllands-Posten published the cartoons in bad faith. Their aim was not to engage in debate but to provoke, and they succeeded. The same newspaper declined to print caricatures of Jesus. I am an atheist and do not know the meaning of the "religious pain" that is felt by believers of every cast when what they believe in is insulted. I am not insulted by billions of Christians, Muslims and Jews believing there is a God and praying to this nonexistent deity on a regular basis.

But the cartoon depicting Muhammad as a terrorist is a crude racist stereotype. The implication is that every Muslim is a potential terrorist. This is the sort of nonsense that leads to Islamophobia.

Muslims have every right to protest, but the overreaction was unnecessary. In reality, the number of original demonstrators was tiny: 300 in Pakistan, 400 in Indonesia, 200 in Tripoli, a few hundred in Britain (before Saturday's bigger reconciliation march), and government-organised hoodlums in Damascus burning an embassy. Beirut was a bit larger. Why blow this up and pretend that the protests had entered the subsoil of spontaneous mass anger? They certainly haven't anywhere in the Muslim world, though the European media has been busy fertilising the widespread ignorance that exists in this continent.

How many citizens have any real idea of what the Enlightenment really was? French philosophers did take humanity forward by recognising no external authority of any kind, but there was a darker side. Voltaire: "Blacks are inferior to Europeans, but superior to apes." Hume: "The black might develop certain attributes of human beings, the way the parrot manages to speak a few words." There is much more in a similar vein from their colleagues. It is this aspect of the Enlightenment that appears to be more in tune with some of the generalised anti-Muslim ravings in the media.

What I find interesting is that these demonstrations and embassy-burnings are a response to a tasteless cartoon. Did the Danish imam who travelled round the Muslim world pleading for this show the same anger at Danish troops being sent to Iraq? The occupation of Iraq has costs tens of thousands of Iraqi lives. Where is the response to that or the tortures in Abu Ghraib? Or the rapes of Iraqi women by occupying soldiers? Where is the response to the daily deaths of Palestinians? These are the issues that anger me. Last year Afghans protested after a US marine in Guantánamo had urinated on the Qur'an. It was a vile act and there was an official inquiry. The marine in question explained that he had been urinating on a prisoner and a few drops had fallen accidentally on the Qur'an - as if pissing on a prisoner (an old imperial habit) was somehow more acceptable.

Yesterday, footage of British soldiers brutalising and abusing civilians in Iraq - beating teenagers with batons until they pass out, posing for the camera as they kick corpses - was made public. No one can seriously imagine these are the isolated incidents the Ministry of Defence claims; they are of course the norm under colonial occupations. Who will protest now - the media pundits defending the Enlightenment or Muslim clerics frothing over the cartoons?

It's strange that the Danish imams and their friends abroad ignore the real tragedy and instead ensure that the cartoons are now being reprinted everywhere. How will it end? Like all these things do, with no gains on either side and a last tango in Copenhagen around a mountain of unused butter. Meanwhile, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine the occupations continue.

· Tariq Ali is the author of Clash of Fundamentalisms: Crusades, Jihads and Modernity. Email:

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Friday, February 03, 2006

Cartoons, consumed by hypocrisy, looses its humour

Courtesy of Free Iraq 

"Yesterday, a newspaper in France and another in Germany published the cartoons, citing freedom of the press.
But the issue goes well beyond the old debate over whether freedom of expression has limits. It does in countries like Canada, which have anti-hate laws. But regardless of the presence or absence of legislated limits, every society has its own notions of what is acceptable and what is not.

We can be certain that the editors publishing the Muhammad caricatures would not smear their pages with anti-Semitic graffiti. Or commission drawings maligning the Pope, by depicting him, say, in compromising sexual positions.

And had the editors opted to be that offensive, we can be equally certain that not too many people would have been rushing to their defence.

It is this double standard that's at the heart of the repeated conflicts between the West and the world of Islam over how far anti-Islamic provocateurs can go in baiting Muslims, repeatedly, knowing full well the depth of Muslim feelings about their most cherished beliefs.
Invoking freedom of speech or the need to puncture political correctness are no more than smokescreens to hide that larger, and uglier, truth.

The Danes have neither defended freedom of speech well nor upheld another sacred secular principle, mutual respect between peoples of all faiths.
In balancing these two competing rights in this troubled world at this time, thinking people and responsible public institutions should err on the side of advancing mutual understanding, not fanning more conflicts."

Denmark embroiled in Muslim controversy February 2, 2006

"What defines a hypocrite? Answer: a person who follows the letter of the law, but not its spirit. The laws against anti-semitism are just that: laws against anti-semitism enacted by hypocritical Europeans with blood on their hands from the genocides in their recent and distant past, and much guilt to atone for in their hearts and minds.

The spirit of the law, which would extend this protection to Muslims as well, if not indeed other religious groups, is nowhere to be found in the Western legal code. You can curse the Prophet of the Muslims at will and with total impunity. However, approach the holocaust at your own risks and perils if you do not include in your discussion the standard, ritualistic incantations about the six million Jewish victims of the European Nazis. There is a word for this in the English language: hypocrisy."

Cartoons and Hypocrisy: Danes Finally Apologize to Muslims (But for the Wrong Reasons) February 2, 2006

"If blasphemy were the problem, the loud voices raised in protest have very successfully disseminated the blasphemy - much more effectively than the misguided Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, that originally published the cartoons. The protests have turned the issue into a full-blown news story, and millions of people who would not otherwise have done so have now seen the cartoons.

At the same time of course, the protesters' flag-burnings and threats against the various publishers of the cartoons do nothing but harden anti-Muslim attitudes in the West. And this is what it's all about. Poke each other often enough with a stick - or a cartoon, or a fuel-laden airliner - and tolerance wears thin. Forget the "winning hearts and minds" drivel, or at least collapse in hysterical laughter over it. Civilizational war is what the protagonists want, and that's what they're getting."

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A kick in the eyeballs (Asia Times editorial) February 4, 2006

As for the cartoonist:

"This is a war of two cultures, it's really a war, and it's really important that in the West we stand up for these hard-won freedoms and that we stand up to bullying and intimidation in the name of sensitivity," Marlette said. "No one is more intolerant than people demanding tolerance, that's been my experience."
... "In America we don't apologize for opinions, that's why we have a first amendment," Marlette said. "If we can't discuss even controversial opinions in the pages of our newspapers, where are we going to do it?"

Cartoonist: We don't apologize for opinions February 3, 2006

As for the Danish:

"The Danish constitution says: “The law prohibits publicly disseminated statements, which threaten, insult, or degrade persons based on their religion.”

It seems not to include Islam and Muslims, but it seems to include only Jews on anti-Semitists attacks in Danish society (several cases during last years). There are most certainly more Muslim Danish citizens than Jew citizens.
In April last year the queen of Denmark was quoted by the Telegraph newspaper as saying that we (Denmark) “should show our opposition to Islam”.

She said: “We are being challenged by Islam these years — globally as well as locally. It is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long because we are tolerant and lazy. We have to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at times, run the risk of having unflattering labels placed on us because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance.”

Well, the Queen Margaret got what she ordered – a real challenge. If you play with fire you get in a hot situation. The Danish government got only interested in the issue when Muslims started their Danish product boycott. The boycott began fast to hurt Danish economy and reputation. Now they are sorry, ashamed and frightened."

From a Comment (below) posted by SimoHurtta : February 05, 2006 2:49 PM

..................................................................................................Boycot Danish Goods

If the Muslims seen demonstrating were secure in their faith, they would not create such a 'hoo haa' about a few cartoons. Why is a faith that is thousands of years old with a billion followers so threatened by a few cartoons? This is a question worth asking.

Additionally, the demonstrators priorities are wrong. They demonstrate with violence (ski masks, guns, flag burning and stamping and hostage taking) about a few cartoons, but fail to demonstrate with equal vigour when waves of suicide bombers, acting in the name of Islam, attack Arab and non-Arab countries alike.

As for the Holocaust, thats a different issue and one that should be the subject of education and sympathy. The issue involves the deliberate and mechanised slaughter of millions of children, mothers and fathers, not a few cartoons.

The Jordanian Leadership has asked all Muslims to be reasonable and responsible in their reaction and I would thoroughly support their plea.

Last, not least, reacting with violence and animosity only reinforces the view (that some people hold) that Islam is about oppression and violence, not about peace and tolerance.

They are playing right into the hands of anyone who is anti-Islamic. Be clever, not stupid.
Those cartoons made and published in a tolerant and liberal Nordic country are astonishing. Painting bin Laden and G. Bush with bombs in their hats would be “normal” and acceptable cartoons, but religious figures like Mohamed and Jesus with bombs are simply absurd. Power-hungry men use religion for their aims. Also Bush and Blair use religion more or less directly in their geopolitical games and rhetoric, but could anybody seriously claim that Jesus told them to invade Iraq and how to treat people.

Laws in Nordic countries are widely “synchronized”. I do not know what the Danish law say freedom of religion but this is what the Finnish law says
The one

1. who publicly mocks God or in an offending meaning publicly insults or dishonours that, what a church or religious community designated in the freedom of religion law (267/1922) otherwise holds sacred, or…

should be punished for braking the religious peace for fines or to prison for at most 6 months.
Finnish Criminal Law, 17. chapter, 10 §

For example some years ago a rock group in a public concert shouted “fuck Jesus” and broke a cross. They got fines. So there are limits in free speech at least in Finland.

Freedom of religion includes at least in Finland that nobody is allowed to mock others religion. I would be surprised if the Danish law doesn’t include it. If not then why do the Danish free press not announce a contest who makes the best religious oriented cartoon how Jewish God gave Jews the right Palestinian land and to treat badly the people there..

In a way it would be amusing to see what would be the “western” reaction to religiously insulting cartoons published in main Arabic newspapers. For example: a small clever looking Jewish God with pockets full of dollars nailing a sad looking Jesus in a US army uniform to the cross in Baghdad’s “Freedom Square, with the text Jewish God saying: “Thank you for defending us ….Buaaahhaaa”. Or an other based on Bush’s comment to mission given beyond the stars: Jesus sitting on a cloud whispering instructions to Bush and Blair to paint a U2 plane with UN colours to get a reason to invade Iraq.

Certainly the religious people in the USA,UK and Israel would not like this kind of “free speech".

Making cartoons based on pure religious figures lifts the conflict between Islam and West (=Christianity) on a different level. Sad.
Regarding 'hoo haa' (above), herewith three(3) items providing 'religious' context:

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February 3, 2006 -- Yesterday, as George W. Bush was praying at the fascism-rooted and invitation-only National Prayer Breakfast at the Washington Hilton . . . Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld proclaimed at the National Press Club that the "Global War on Terrorism" and the "Global War on Violent Extremism" are history. Henceforth, "the war" will be known as the "Long War." Rumsfeld also likened Venezuela's populist President Hugo Chavez Frias to Adolf Hitler. Rumsfeld also sought to portray Chavez as leading some sort of Axis-like alliance in Latin America, saying "He's a person who was elected legally, just as Adolf Hitler was elected legally, and then consolidated power, and now is, of course, working closely with Fidel Castro and Mr. Morales [the new populist President of Bolivia] and others. It concerns me."

WMR has reported that Rumsfeld's operatives have been involved in setting up covert communications stations in Honduras and Costa Rica near the Nicaraguan borders to foment a rebellion if Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega is elected President in November. Rumsfeld has also beefed up the U.S. military presence in Paraguay and Colombia. U.S. intelligence operatives are also targeting Mexico's populist presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Venezuela's government recently uncovered links between U.S. intelligence operatives operating from the U.S. Embassy in Caracas and disloyal Venezuelan naval officers suspected of planning another coup d'etat similar to the U.S.-backed April 2002 unsuccessful coup against Chavez. The U.S. Naval Attache at the embassy, Commander John Correa, was recently expelled by Caracas for involvement in the coup plans.

Evangelicals to launch 'Christian AIPAC'

(Reposted; terribly long; definitely worth at least a fleeting scan. This terrifying mob leave nothing to chance.)
Wayne Madsen, EXPOSÉ: THE "CHRISTIAN" MAFIA; Where Those Who Now Run the U.S. Government Came From and Where They Are Taking Us

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10th February 2006   - 
For immediate Release                         
Press Release


Freedom of Speech and with a decent self-restraint

Liberal Democrat Muslims Forum welcomes the proposed protest on Saturday that seeks to highlight responsible freedom of speech with taste of decency, respect for diverse values, and a self-restraint that is essential if multiculturalists society is to live in a peaceful harmony.

Prof. Karrar Khan, Chair of Liberal Democrat Muslims Forum said: "I welcome the rally organized by many Muslim organizations in Britain to highlight the deep insult the Muslims have faced by the publication of these cartoons. The Message to be delivered has got to be very clear. Muslims or Islam is not against the concept of freedom of speech but it puts burden on the speaker to show human decency, respect for others beliefs, and not to publicly incite discrimination.”


Prof. Karrar Khan said: "Anyone in the public office with a voice that carry’s through the media to the masses has an obligation to use the freedom of speech with greater responsibility. The organisers of the March have gone to great length to hold a peaceful march to give these right messages befitting the Islamic faith and it is the DUTY of all Muslims participating to show great vigilance to ensure that the March remains peaceful and no unpleasant incidence occurs.”


Prof. Khan also said: “The British Media is to be congratulated on the exemplary self-restraint shown in respecting the feelings of 1.8m British Muslims by not publishing the Cartoons and we hope that they would continue to show that respect for the deeply held beliefs of Muslims.”

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التاريخ :30/1/2006

بيان للمؤتمر القومي العربيحول الاساءة الى رموز الاسلام ومقدساته والتعرض الى الكنائس وبيوت العبادة

 أدلى مصدر مسؤول في الامانة العامة للمؤتمر القومي العربي بما يلي:

تعّرض مليار وثلاثماية ألف عربي ومسلم الى اهانة جديدة بفعل الصور التي حاولت تشويه صورة الاسلام من خلال التعّرض للرسول العربي الاكرم محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم، كما تعرضت الإنسانية برمتها للاهتزاز من خلال الروح العنصرية والطائفية الكريهة التي تفوح بها مثل هذه المحاولات التي تتكرر بين الفينة والاخرى في خطب وكتب ورسوم تكشف الخلفية الحقيقية للحروب الاجرامية والعدوانية التي تشنها الفاشية الجديدة ضد بلادنا العربية والاسلامية.

        واذا كانت الحكومة الدانمركية تحاول تبرير صمتها وتقاعسها عن محاسبة مرتكبي هذه الجرائم المعنوية البالغة الضرر، فان من حقنا ان نسأل لماذا تتحرك دول الغرب واجهزته القضائية ضد أي خطاب او كتاب او مقال يتناول بالنقد الصريح الصهيونية وممارساتها وادعاءاتها بذريعة معاداة السامية والإنسانية، بل لماذا تحظر بث فضائيات عربية في دولها، وتدرج منظمات التي تقاوم الاحتلال في لوائح الإرهاب.

        ان موقفا جريئاً مطلوباً اليوم من كل مثقفي الغرب وهيئات حقوق الإنسان تجاه هذه النزعة العنصرية المعادية للإسلام ولرموزه والتي تتفشى اليوم في دول الغرب، وتحركها في احيان كثيرة دوائر شديدة الصلة بالصهيونية العالمية.

        كما ان حكوماتنا العربية والاسلامية مدعوة للتحرك الحاسم بوجه هذا التطاول المشين بحق رموزنا ومقدساتنا، واتخاذ اجراءات حاسمة، سياسية واقتصادية، تجاه الحكومة الدانماركية حتى تتخذ هذه الحكومة الاجراءات المناسبة بحق اعداء الاسلام، والتي يمكن اعتبار الهّبة الشعبية العربية والاسلامية المباركة الى مقاطعة البضائع والسلع الدانماركية اولى خطواتها العملية الجريئة .

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ما الذي جرى في دمشق؟

أقصد بالسؤال تظاهرات الرابع من شباط احتجاجا على موبقات الصحافة الأوروبية في التهجم على الرسول الأعظم. ما جرى فيها يشي بملاحظات أظنها فارقة:

1- أن التعبئة الشعبية تمت بتسارع لاهث وناجح في آن. كان الموبايل أداة التواصل والتحشيد.

2- أن نداء الرسول كان ناظم إيقاع الجمهور الغفير المحتشد سواء بالشعار أم بالهتاف أم بالزي أم بالعلم.

3- أن ذلك يشير إلى هوى الجموع الغالب وهو الإسلامي المطهم بالوطنية والعكس صحيح.

4- أن العنصر الشبابي كان الغالب على التظاهرة وبجلاء.

5- أن الاحتقان الناقم على الأطلسيين بلغ نقطة اللاعودة وتجلى بإحراق سفارات أوروبية أربع. وكادت الخامسة-أي الفرنسية- أن تلحق بهم لولا لطف الأمن الذي قدر أن مسها فيه ضرر يفوق المنفعة.

6- أن ذلك أتى في أعقاب خطاب خالد مشعل في جامع المرابط قبلها بيوم، أي الجمعة. كان استقبال المصلين والجوار للخطاب ملفتا، بل إن انتصار حماس الانتخابي لاقى صدى استثنائيا في الشارع السوري منذ تحققه.

7- أن كل هذا الركام يقع على خلفية المرارة الشعبية السورية من تهديدات واشنطن وباريس وفجاجة جنبلاط العهرية وتدبيرات قريطم المراهقة.

يأتي هنا السؤال: هل ذلك كله يعني أن الشارع السوري هو طوع بنان جماعة الإخوان المسلمين المنفية الآن قسرا ويكفي أن تعود رموزها ليضحى الشارع ملكها وحيازتها؟

أجزم أن العكس صحيح وللأسباب التالية:

1- أن مرارة السنة العرب -وهم ثلثي المجتمع السوري- من مسؤولية الإخوان الرئيسية عن الحرب الأهلية التي دارت في الفترة ما بين 1976-1982 لا زالت في الحلقوم. وباختصار يدرك الصغير والكبير أنهم من أشعل الشرارة وأنهم من حول نظاما شبه ديكتاتوري إلى شبه دراكولي.

2- أن الناس أدركت-ولو بعد حين- أن الإخوان فعلوا ما فعلوه عبر تلك السنوات الست العجاف في سياق ارتباطهم بمنظومة إقليمية-دولية تمتد من الرياض عبر عمان، امتدادا إلى جونية والقاهرة، وصولا إلى أنقرة ووراء الأفق إلى واشنطن. هذا دون إغفال دور رئيسي لعراق صدام كان ديدنه استعادة دمشق لحزبه الأم والانتقام لانحياز أسد لخميني في حربه مع صدام.

3- أن الناس ترى بالعين وتسمع بالأذن ما يقوم به الإخوان الآن من اقتراب حثيث من واشنطن ولندن وباريس وبرلين بظن أنهم سينالون بركتهم لتبنيهم درئية تقي من تغلغل الجهادية الإسلامية في المجتمع السوري... وضمن ترتيبات حكم تجمعهم بالكردية السياسية والنيوليبراليين من مستحاثات اللينينية والستالينية والبرجوازية القديمة-الجديدة ومنشقين أمنيين وحزبيين من أحشاء النظام... وتوفر لهم حصة مهمة-وإن غير مهيمنة- في كعكة الحكم.

4- أن هوى الشارع الجامح هو مع من في خط الممانعة/المقاومة ضد المشروع الإمبراطوري وتابعه الصهيوني. مروحة هذا الهوى تنفلش من المقاومة الوطنية العراقية إلى حزب الله اللبناني إلى حماس والجهاد الفلسطينيتين إلى أحمدي نجاد ونظامه الإيراني وإلى بشار السوري رغم كل الالتياع من ظواهر الفساد الطاغية وطغيان الأمن وأجهزته.

5- ثم أن الخريطة الإسلامية السورية قد تبدلت بنيويا بعد أحداث 1982 الدامية. سقط الإخوان من حسابات الناس وطفا على السطح مركب جديد يضم شرائح مختلفة تتفق على أسلمة المجتمع-وإن بوسائل متفاوتة بل ومتنافرة وتبتعد عن أسلمة الدولة. بطبيعة الحال فهذا المناخ لا يمكن إبعاده أو ابتعاده عن المناخ الوطني-القومي العام في سوريا ومحيطها العربي. بمعنى أن الابتعاد عن أسلمة الدولة لا ينفي حافز الشوق إلى مجاهدة "أعداء" الدين والبلاد إن بالسلاح أو بالكلمة أو بالمال أو بالدعاء وهو أضعف الإيمان. من هنا شعبية حماس وحزب الله والمقاومة العراقية. هم يعرفون أن حماس هي الفرع الفلسطيني للإخوان المسلمين لكنهم لا يخلطون بينها وبين ذكرياتهم المريرة عن إخوان سوريا إذ أن حماس في الميزان تقاتل العدو ومن هنا التهليل لها والتكبير في "المرابط". من هنا أيضا مسارعة ألوف من الشباب السوري للقتال في العراق ضد الغزو الأمريكي وحتى بعد الاحتلال.

لا شك عندي أن شرارة دمشق هي عينة من لهيب مستعر تحت كومة قش اسمها الرسمية العربية. قد يقول قائل إن ذلك ما كان ليحدث لولا تواطؤ السلطة. لكن الأدق-ألف مرة- هو القول إن جذور الغضب هناك وأن تعبيرات الغضب فوقها وأن شحناته المتفجرة اندلعت حرائق مشتعلة ما كان للأمن أن يجهضها أو يوقفها إلا بقعقعة السلاح واستعماله بالمليان.

والشاهد أن النظام ليس في وارد فعل كهذا وهو في أمس الحاجة إلى التفاف شعبي حوله بينما يدخل مرحلة صراعية مقبلة مع واشنطن وحلفائها هي جزء من حرب الإقليم، أي من طهران إلى حارة حريك مرورا برام الله.

أي ربيع لاهب ينتظرنا؟ 

د. كمال خلف الطويل


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                                     بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

المؤتمر القومي الاسلامي   
القاهرة في 5/2/2006

              بيان بادانة اعتداء صحيفة دانمركية وثانية نروجية

                 على نبي الاسلام محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم

           يعرب المؤتمر القومي- الاسلامي عن استنكاره لاقدام صحيفة "جولاندز بوستن" الدانمركية وصحيفة "مغازينيت" النروجية على نشر رسوم مهينة لنبي الاسلام محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم ، ويدين بشدة هذا التطاول الدنيء على رسول الله الى العالمين كافة ، والاصرار على عدم الاعتذار من المسلمين في العالم ، ومحاولات التخفيف من وقع هذه الخطيئة الكبرى ، وتسخيف المطالبة بمعاقبة مرتكبيها ، بحجة احترام الراي والتعبير .

          و يعتبر المؤتمر أن هذه الأساءة تتجاوز المسلمين لتطال العرب من غير المسلمين أيضاً, لما يشكله الأسلام من حضارة عاش المسيحيون في فيئها و تمتعوا بحرياتهم الدينية و الشخصية في كنفها.

         و يرى المؤتمر أن الأسلام, و هو دينُ يعتنقه اكثر من مليار مسلم في جميع انحاء العالم ، يستحق اصدار تشريع دولي يحرم اشكال التطاول عليه وعلىرموزه، تحقيقا للمساواة مع الرسالات السماوية الاخرى ، وحرصا على السلم العالمي .

        كما يؤكد المؤتمر ان الحريات العامة  والديمقراطية لاتعني المس بالآخرين والاستهزاء بمقدساتهم ، فهذا اشبه بالحريات التي تسود في مجتمع الغاب منها الى الحريات الانسانية التي يجب ان تسود في مجتمع متحضر ، تنتهي فيه حرية الفرد عندما تبدأ حرية الآخرين.

        لهذا كله ، يدعو المؤتمر منظمة المؤتمر الاسلامي وجامعة الدول العربية الى مقاضاة الصحيفتين المذكورتين ، وافهام حكومتيهما وجوب الاعتذار ومعاقبة الجناة , تحت طائلة مقاطعة هذين البلدين سياسيا واقتصاديا وسياحيا.

         كما يدعو المؤتمر جميع اعضائه الى التعبير ، كل على طريقته ، عن تصديهم لهذه الهجمة التي تطل من الغرب وتستهدف الاسلام ورموزه ، ومطالبتهم بالاقتصاص من مطلقيها ، قطعا لدابر الفتنة ، وارساء للعدل بين الناس ، واعلاء لقيم المحبة في الارض. 

              " انا كفيناك المستهزئين." صدق الله العظيم

                                                               المنسق العام

                                                              الدكتور عصام العريان

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  The British Foreign Secretary rocks: Jack Straw said:
"There is freedom of speech, we all respect that. But there is not any obligation to insult or to be gratuitously inflammatory. We have to be very careful about showing the proper respect in this situation. I believe that the republication of these cartoons has been insulting, it has been insensitive, it has been disrespectful and it has been wrong. There are taboos in every religion. It is not the case that there is open season in respect of all aspects of Christian rites and rituals in the name of free speech. Nor is it the case that there is open season in respect of rights and rituals of the Jewish religion, the Hindu religion, the Sikh religion. It should not be the case in respect of the Islamic religion either. We have to be very careful about showing the proper respect in this situation."

الحرية حسب الطلب

عبدالكريم هاني

 في فصل جديد من مسلسل استهداف الإسلام و المسلمين الذي يتصاعد يوما بعد و يجد له أنصارا و مشجعين في بلد بعد آخر نشرت صحيفة دنماركية مجموعة من الصور الكاريكاتيرية للسخرية من الرسول الكريم محمد (ص) مما سبب انتفاض جميع المسلمين مطالبين باعتذار الصحيفة عن هذا الموقف المعادي للاسلام و الذي يستهين بمشاعر المسلمين , و تصاعدت دعوات بمقاطعة البضائع الدنماركية بعد موقف حكومتهم المتذرع بحرية الصحافة و احترام حرية الرأي و التعبير .

تبرز في هذا الموقف قضيتان تثيران الدهشة و التساؤل : الأولى ردة الفعل الأوروبية السريعة و الغاضبة لدعوة مقاطعة البلدان التي استقبلت نشر الإساءة بالتبرير- إن لم يكن بالترحيب و هددت البلدان التي تدعو اليها بالويل و الثبور فاعتبرت الدعوة للمقاطعة خرقا لمبادئ حرية التجارة يستدعي اجتماع لجنتها للنظر فيه و ربما لمعاقبة الملتزمين به أيضا , لكن نفس تلك البلدان أيدت بحماس العقوبات التي فرضتها الولايات المتحدة باسم الأمم المتحدة على شعب العراق , و نفذتها بحماس أكثر فذهب أكثر من مليون و نصف مليون عراقي ضحية الشرعية الدولية المزعومة , و هي تهدد اليوم شعب سوريا بعقوبات مماثلة بعد أن شملت السودان و ليبيا دون أن تثير اعتراضا يقترب من الموقف ضد الدعوة لمقاطعة البضائع الدنماركية .

و الثانية موقف الحكومات الغربية المعنية من ردود الفعل الغاضبة لجماهير المسلمين حيث تركز جميع تلك الحكومات على حرية الرأي و حق الجميع في إبداء آرائهم في صحافتهم الحرة و بدون تقييد . هذا الموقف المفرط في التسامح و الليونة يعيد الى أذهاننا التشنج الذي قابلت به  الأوساط الصحفية و الرسمية في نفس تلك البلدان طلبات إجراء دراسة موضوعية لأسطورة المحرقة التي تطبل لها الصحافة الصهيونية في كل حين و تزيد من أرقام ضحاياها كما تشاء دون أن تقبل إخضاع الأسطورة الى البحث العلمي – و لو لتبرئة الضمير الأوروبي الذي تكلكلت عليه المبالغات الكاذبة , بل لقد أحيل كاتب عالمي مثل روجيه غارودي الى المحكمة لأنه شكك بتلك الأرقام و طلب التحقق منها بصورة علمية .

و في محاولة لإغراق ردود الفعل الإسلامية ضد هذه الإهانة المتعمدة لمقدسات المسلمين بدأت صحف أخرى في بلد بعد آخر تنشر نفس المواد التي أثارت الاعتراض فكأن الأمر إصرار على التحدي و إمعان في الاستفزاز . هذا الموقف يجب أن يقابله رد الفعل الطبيعي الذي يقابل به كل مجتمع حي التحديات التي تولجهه , و لقد أثبتت المقاطعة الاقتصادية جدواها و أنها السلاح الأقوى الذي يفهمه أعداء الاسلام و المسلمين , و هي سلاح فهم الأعداء جدواه أكثر مما فهمه أصحابه . إن حوالي ربع سكان المعمورة حين يتخذون موقفا اقتصاديا موحدا لقادرون على أن يركعوا أعداءهم مهما بلغ جبروت هؤلاء الأعداء .

وعلى نقيض التشكيك بالمحرقة الذي تقوم له كل أجهزة العقوبات و القمع بالمرصاد فإن الطعن بالقرآن و القيم الإسلامية يستقبل بالترحاب و التشجيع , خصوصا حين يأتي من مسلم مارق فتدق له الطبول و تقام له احتفالات الثناء تمجيدا لحرية الرأي و شجاعة الكاتب , لكن أي مس باليهودية و لو بأرق من النسمة تقوم له قوانين مكافحة اللاسامية التي سنتها تلك البلدان , بل امتد الأمر ببعض هذه القوانين فصارت تطارد كل من يحاول انتقاد سياسة الكيان الصهيوني حتى حين يفرط كعادته في انتهاك حقوق الانسان و امتهان كرامته .

البريد الألكتروني : ahani@


نشر في العدد من جريدة الوطن في  12/2/2006

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House of Commons,
London, SW1A 0AA
Telephone 0207 219 1351
Fax 0207 219 5713

Mohammed cartoons and the subsequent demonstrations

Standard line 

We recognise that these cartoons are offensive to many Muslims. In a society where people of different faiths and none live side by side, it is incumbent on us all to think about the impact of our words and actions. 

However, as we argued during the passage of the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill, religions must not be exempt from criticism or even mockery. It is important to recognise that in Europe we have a long tradition of lampooning those in positions of power and of using humour to criticise religious dogma. 

A media which is free from censorship and state control allows for the frank exchange of views. Where offence is taken, individuals and groups have the right to make their views and feelings heard. The solution is not censorship, or violence, but competing speech. Parliament rightly rejected government proposals last week which could have criminalised the reproduction of these images in the UK. 

The European newspapers which republished these cartoons were acting within their rights, but were not acting with good judgment. This was always likely to provoke further anger and resentment. 

Some of the reaction to the cartoons has been completely disproportionate. We unreservedly condemn those who have resorted to violence. The actions of those demonstrators in London who openly called for acts of murder and terrorism on Friday are contemptible. While we understand that there may have been good reasons for not making arrests on the day, the Crown Prosecution Service must now investigate to see if prosecutions are possible. 

In response to requests for an EU enquiry to stop something like the publication of the cartoons happening again, our advice is to base your response on the text below:

I understand how strongly you feel about this matter. The European Parliament discussed this issue in February and my Liberal Democrat colleagues supported a resolution (which was passed) stating that, while freedom of the press is, within the limits of the law, a universal right, it must be exercised with responsibility and with respect for both human rights and religious feelings and beliefs. I share this view. I am pleased that British newspapers did show this respect, although clearly the law in the UK only constrains incitement to hatred and not the giving of offence.

I do not believe that censorship laws are an appropriate area for EU-wide legislation. I do believe, though, that the European Union has a strong role to play in promoting integration and combating discrimination. I therefore welcome action such as the establishment of a high-level group of experts due to report back in 2007 with policy recommendations on how the EU can tackle social and labour market exclusion for disadvantaged minorities. I also welcome a new EU report suggesting improvements in the way discrimination against ethnic minorities is measured so that information can be easily compared across EU Member States. We are urging the EU Presidency (currently Austria) to renew the effort to secure the agreement of all EU governments to a long-standing proposal strongly supported by the European Parliament to make race and religious hate crimes subject to serious criminal penalties across the whole of Europe, as they are in the UK.

(This text was agreed in consultation with Sarah Ludford MEP, Lib Dem spokesperson on Justice and Home Affairs in the European Parliament)

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