hd NABA (The National Association of British Arabs)

PRESS RELEASE: The Aggression against the Lebanese and the Palestinians

15 July 2006
The National Association of British Arabs (NABA) condemns the murderous onslaught against both Gaza and Lebanon by the Israeli regime and stands in solidarity with the suffering Arab people in both places. The British Arab community also deplores the support given by the American and UK government to the death and destruction wrought by the Israeli military machine, and the inaction of the European Union in taking action against the Israelis, despite being the regime's biggest trading partner. NABA urges all British Arabs to lobby their MPs to demand our government implement punitive economic sanctions against the Israeli regime, and also calls for the community to support the national demonstration on 22 July in London.

Dr Ismail Jalili FRCS, FRCOphth
National Chairman

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