28th November 2007

The National Association of British Arabs is shocked at the arrest of the British Teacher Gillian Gibbons and at the excessively disproportionate response of the Sudanese judiciary to the alleged offence.

It is important to recognize and distinguish what appears to have been a cultural misunderstanding and interpretation by the judiciary which would, by its very nature, lead eventually to the name Mohammed being taken out of common usage if we are to retain it only with reference to the purest of men.

We believe that trust must be put in the good intentions of the teacher in calling the ‘bear’ after one of her pupils rather than the erroneous interpretation being made.

We call upon the President of Sudan and the Sudanese government to intervene in this case which flies in the face of logic and natural justice. 

Ismail Jalili FRCS FRCOphth


28th November 2007

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