NABA Press Release: British Arabs Demand: Stop the Massacres in Iraq and Gaza

29 May 2004 

The British Arab community is shocked and appalled at the Israeli massacre of innocent civilians in Rafah, as well as the continuing destruction of Palestinian homes, both violations of the Geneva convention. The grossly understated reaction to these war crimes from President Bush, Sharon's main backer, only serves to further alienate Arab opinion and strengthen the case of those who see the US as complicit in Israeli abuses. The British Arab community urges the UK and the EU to implement a range of cultural, sporting and trade sanctions on the Israeli government until these and other abuses cease. We ask all British Arab voters to contact their MPs and seek their support for such moves.

Whilst this level of behaviour and violations might be expected from the Israelis, the US massacre of a defenceless wedding party in western Iraq is a violation not only of the Geneva convention, but also of America's own democratic principles. With the continuing revelations of prisoner abuse, notably the video depicting the torture and humiliation of Iraqis, it is clear that America has lost all moral authority in Iraq. We demand the withdrawal of US troops and their replacement by UN peacekeepers.

Ismail Jalili
The National Association of British Arabs

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