NABA (National Association of British Arabs)

Press Release: London Terrorist Attacks

 7 July 2005

The National Association of British Arabs condemns the horrific and indiscriminate attacks that took place in London today and the carnage visited on this most diverse of cities.  It should be noted that the bombing at Edgware Road was in the heart of London 's Arab community, as the bombing in Aldgate East was in the heart of a Muslim community which includes North African and Somali Arabs, underlining that British Arabs were among the intended victims of this attack.  It is vital that all of London 's communities remain united at this critical time, and resist any voices inciting racial or religious hatred.

The total disregard for innocent life shown by the bombers is to be deplored and strikes against the heart of all religious beliefs. We hope that all those involved in this outrage are swiftly brought to justice. Our thoughts, prayers and sympathies are with the families of those who have died and with those who are injured.

Ismail Jalili
The National Association of British Arabs

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