Israeli Attack on Peace Flotilla

NABA's response

The National Association of British Arabs condemns Israel for the unprovoked and unlawful attack on an unarmed, civilian ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza and the consequent loss of innocent lives. The murder of people working for just and humanitarian purposes is deeply regretful and NABA extends condolences to their families.
The attack, which took place in international waters, only serves to confirm the complete disregard and contempt in which Israel holds international law.
In addition, the Israeli's government's ongoing refusal to allow not humanitarian only aid but essential supplies to the people of Gaza demonstrates yet again Israel's inability to behave in a humane, just and democratic manner as expected from any civilised nation.


Dear NABA,

Thanks for your mail, like all common Muslims I support the Palestinian movement for freedom, but what I yet fail to understand is why we are still unable to support this cause? why we still feel the need to always look to the West and then blame them for everything that happens to the Muslims? Why we yet have not looked at our faults and not let our leaders know what we think of their policies?

The major issue here is Turkey like Jordan and Egypt had good relations with Israel, it let the Israeli Air force perform various tasks in Turkey and had good trade links. The Saudis and the other middle eastern countries also have such trade links and are too busy building Ice rings in the middle of the dessert to give a toss, AND of course I must mention that element of ARAB Muslim superiority, and Nationality - Arab Saudi, Arab- Jordanian, Arab, Egyptian etc etc, not to forget the lesser NON-ARABS Muslims ranks like Pakistanis, Bengalis, Indonesians etc etc.

Currently the Muslims have an identity crisis, they no longer see themselves as Muslims first but it is Nationality that comes first, and that is where the problem lies, not in the West, but within ourselves, after living in Middle east, where being a non-Arab you are payed less than your Arab colleague and are not given citizenship or equal rights, I came to the conclusion it is we who are at fault not anyone else.

So the Turkey government is furious at the martyrdom of Turkish nationals, it has woken up? Hope all the rest us would wake up too, before it is too late

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