The UK strike on Syria, 31 August 2013

  NABA condemns the use of both chemical and conventional weapons on the
innocent population of Syria but welcomes the vote taken in the House of
Commons against military action and in particular to threaten action before
there was evidence as to the perpetrators. All military action
targets the fabric of society and dehumanises its people.

We believe that the vote of Parliament reflects the reluctance of the
British people to become involved in another war in the Middle East
following the debacle of the Iraq war and that military intervention in
Syria would create even further unrest and instability in this already
unstable region as witnessed in the widespread rise of sectarianism and
proliferation of terrorism in these countries.

The violent insurgency in Syria and the resultant miseries of the innocent
people of that unhappy country should have been prevented by dialogue and
NABA urges the British Government to actively engage with the United Nations
to reach a peaceful solution in Syria before the war spreads over to
surrounding countries.

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