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  British Arabs Shocked at Pictures of Tortured Iraqis, May 2004
  British Arabs Demand: Stop the Massacres in Iraq and Gaza 2003  
  Iraqi National Football Team 2003  
  Press Release on the Terrorists Attack on London 7/7/2005 (English)  

بيان من الجمعيه الوطنيه للبريطانيين العرب بشأن سلسلة التفجيرات التى وقعت فى لندن اليوم 7/7/2005

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The trial of Metropolitan Police officer which revealed he had abused a Kurdish man by threatening to 'smash his fucking Arab face in' demonstrates once again the continuing problems of Anti-Arab racism not only in the Met, but in wider society. The fault for this incident lies not only with the individual officer in question, nor with the Met, but with Government bodies such as the Home Office and Commission for Racial Equality which have consistently treated racism as a matter which mainly affects only Blacks and Asians, ignoring the massive racism against Britain's Arab community.
Both the HO and CRE have failed to produce reports about Anti-Arab racism, despite the incidence of incitement by elements in the media and elsewhere. Moreover, in the light of the so-called 'War on Terror', and the failure to give Police officers and public offcials guidelines in terms of sensitivity to British Arabs, it is hardly surprising that incidents such as this one should occur.
The British Arab community call on the Government, Home Office, Metropolitan Police Commission and CRE to announce an immediate programme to examine and combat anti-Arab racism at all levels, and to invite British Arab officials for talks to resolve this issue.
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Responses to NABA Press Release May 2005

It is very disturbing that even when you face a common cause, you cannot bring yourselves to acknowledge non-Arab communities such as Kurds, Iranians and Turks.

Kamil Mahdi
Tuesday, May 24, 2005 5:16 PM


Dear Dr Mahdi

I have some difficulty in understanding the sentiment in your email. We responded as a community based organisation to a particular incident of racism against a Kurd where the insult directed at him by the police officer was the use of the word 'Arab' in a derogatory way. This is yet another incident of the growing anti Arab racism which we continue to fight as an organisation. I would also point out that one of the few ethnic groups not represented in the Police Crime Survey for the purpose of reporting racist incidents is that of  Arab. This is not to detract from racism against other ethnic groups in the UK but in this multiethnic society there are organisations representing all of the ethnic groups and each organisation acts on behalf of its members. The people who have been offended in this instance are Arabs.
We have not been approached by Kurds, Iranians and Turks to represent them or defend them. Our protest addresses anti Arab racism and is by itself an endorsement of the principle of racial harmony and against any form of incitement of racial hatred in the UK. We would have responded in the same way against other racial attacks if the policeman in question attacked any of the ethnic groups among those you mentioned or any other minority in the UK as we did in our response to the racist murder of Damilola Taylor in 2002.
On an occasion like this, I would have loved to see other ethnic organisations come into the open protesting the increasing anti Arab sentiment and media stereotyping by some racist elements in this society and media; unfortunately that is not the case. Like any other ethnic or religious group, we have every moral right to defend ourselves.
I respect your right to unsubscribe yourself from our list but felt that your reply deserved an individual response but am disappointed that you feel as you do particularly given your fine record on human rights.
I would also point out that NABA works very hard through government bodies to promote the rights of Arabs in the UK and seeks to make common cause with other ethnic groups facing the same problems.

Dr Ismail Jalili

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The National Association of British Arabs wishes to express the shock and disgust of the half-million strong British Arab community at the photographs of tortured and humiliated Iraqi prisoners. Many Iraqis were tortured and raped as an instrument of terror by Saddam’s secret police, and most thought those days were now behind them. However, it appears 
that a combination of torture, humiliation and male rape as a strategy of terror is now being used by the US occupation forces.
This comes after the spectacle of US Marines aping Saddam’s method of punishing an entire city by killing civilians (in Fallujah) with air-strikes and artillery, and threatening to desecrate the holy city of Najaf in order to suppress a Shia uprising. President Bush claimed as his excuse for the war that he wanted to bring ‘democracy and freedom’ to Iraq. Now that 
we see that the so-called ‘transfer of sovereignty’ is only nominal, the siege of Iraqi cities, the killing of civilians and the torture and sexual abuse of prisoners has exposed that the Occupation regime is behaving much as Saddam did.
We urge the British government to demand the prosecution of all US soldiers and security firm contract workers by an independent court at The Hague for human rights violations of the Geneva Convention, and for a genuine transfer of full sovereignty and authority under UN auspices to a freely elected Iraqi government to be carried out immediately.
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  British Arabs Demand: Stop the Massacres in Iraq and Gaza
The British Arab community is shocked and appalled at the Israeli massacre of innocent civilians in Rafah, as well as the continuing destruction of Palestinian homes, both violations of the Geneva convention. The grossly understated reaction to these war crimes from President Bush, Sharon's main backer, only serves to further alienate Arab opinion and strengthen the case of those who see the US as complicit in Israeli abuses. The British Arab community urges the UK and the EU to implement a range of cultural, sporting and trade sanctions on the Israeli government until these and other abuses cease. We ask all British Arab voters to contact their MPs and seek their support for such moves.

Whilst this level of behaviour and violations might be expected from the Israelis, the US massacre of a defenceless wedding party in western Iraq is a violation not only of the Geneva convention, but also of America's own democratic principles. With the continuing revelations of prisoner abuse, notably the video depicting the torture and humiliation of Iraqis, it is clear that America has lost all moral authority in Iraq. We demand the withdrawal of US troops and their replacement by UN peacekeepers.

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